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Greta, originally from NJ, graduated with an MA in Psychology and Counseling from Goddard College in 2013. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NC and a Licensed Associate Counselor in NJ. Greta has over 8 years experience as a life coach, tutor, and mentor, and 5 years providing professional and personal development seminars focused on psychological, developmental, and educational issues. She also holds a PhD-ABD in Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Culture, with certificates in Women and Gender and Creative Writing. Greta is a social justice advocate and uses her clinical and academic experiences to inform her work. Creative writing, story-telling, and fine art contribute to Greta's overall approach, with a focus on the client's needs and the way in he or she understands their goals.

She is a founding partner of, and acting therapist with Sagestone PLLC. She is also a founder of The Agate Foundation.  In addition, she is a teacher of psychology and critical thinking at Carteret Community College.

Greta is focused on improving conditions to better marginalized populations and improve cultural understanding of differences for our community.

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