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Dr. Otto - our board Vice President -  is a career Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence officer with the Department of Defense. In December 2018, he was appointed the DIA Senior Representative (DSR) to NORAD-NORTHCOM, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s accountable for all DIA military and civilian personnel in the state, and supports the nascent efforts of US SPACE COMMAND where needed.

After ten years in the corporate world, Dr. Otto served as an Air Force intelligence officer from 1993
through 2005, when he became a civilian with DIA. He retired from the USAF reserves in 2013. Gus
served in eight deployments (military and civilian) across the Middle East, the Balkans, and Afghanistan.


Though a passionate HUMINT and CI officer, he has experience in all-source intelligence analysis,
liaison and representational duties, and graduate education. He directly and indirectly advised operational commanders, senior decision makers, and barons of industry on sensitive matters and strategic issues.

Dr. Otto holds a BA in International Relations; an MS in National Security Strategy from National War College; a PhD in Ethical & Creative Leadership, and holds two doctoral certificates in Design Thinking and Leadership in Education. Along with his wife and son they are active members in their community in religious; social justice & responsibility; and veterans affairs and resiliency particularly TBI and PTS.

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