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About us

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission


The Agate Foundation supports every individual’s human right to empathetic support, accessible mental and behavioral health, and substance abuse resources in the community.


Our Vision


Meaningful engagement with the systems at work in the community, strengthening advocacy for self, for other, and for all those in need, and preventing financial barriers to mental, behavioral, and substance abuse resources.


Our Values

We value  differences and support authentic transformation through the use of shared resources, harnessing the energy of community.  

Our Primary Purpose 


To provide scholarships and resources for community-based services, defined as: Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Recovery services in Carteret and Onslow counties of North Carolina. These scholarships are designed to eliminate the barrier of financial hardship created when attempting to access these services. These scholarships and resources may be used by recipients to engage appropriate, community-based services, ease financial burden, and provide access not otherwise available, while creating missing income stream for counseling practitioners.


Our Primary Purpose is fulfilled through our Mission, Vision and Values. At the core of our work is :

  • The understanding that access to care and empathetic support are basic human rights.

  • We understand that differences are often seen as obstacles to transformation and access to resources. It is when we meet each other at places of difference that skills, passions, and livelihoods thrive.

  • The belief that differences make our community stronger, especially when we accept the authentic contributions differences provide. This is founded in the knowledge that:

    • individual fulfillment come from engaging the whole person;

    • that #Yourstorymatters such that every individual, in the wholeness of experience, knowledge, ability, value, brings a unique perspective to the community as a whole;  and,

    • self-acceptance and positive interaction with the world-at-large come from the integrated and dynamic life stories that create our community.


We believe the work of The Agate Foundation will improve others’ ability to engage at home, work and community in authentic ways that bring stability and growth to self, family and community by improving one’s ability to receive funds for  mental/behavioral/substance abuse treatment. reducing stress over limited financial resources, and providing an ability to gain financial resources outside of the insurance/medical system without prejudice, obtain services without limitation to duration, specific diagnostic criteria, and/or intervention type.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

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