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Our Board

Strategic Plan

The Agate Foundation Strategic Plan  as of 9/26/19


Accomplished 2018-2019 Fiscal Year

  1. Enlist Board and establish bylaws - we have 5 board members, exclusive of the 2 founders.

    1. Current Board skills sets: legal, grant writing, program development and management, mental and behavioral health services

    2. All board members contribute to The Agate Foundation.

  2. Begin Grant submissions: To date we have applied for a grant with the United Way,

  3. Launched website, Facebook page, and Goldstar profile

In progress 2019-2020

  1. Expand board to better represent the diversity in the counties we serve, including those with legal, accounting, medical or financial services background. 

  2. Grant submissions 

    1. Continue researching grants and apply for them.

  3. Begin scholarship fulfillment at 80% or more of funds received. - community information disbursement underway via Facebook and word of mouth.

  4. Launched CrowdRise 9/20/19. Ongoing social media campaigns.

  5. Reclassify with IRS as a public charity (not private foundation) - Underway via accountant

    1. Amazon Smile and Paypal Giving Fund 

  6. Marketing availability of services using social media, community collaboratives - active weekly and monthly engagement

  7. Join chambers of commerce.

  8. Hire Executive Director - market via Linkedin, Volunteer Onslow, Facebook and community meetings.

  9. Launch initial fundraising event - Board is currently exploring options and choices for community engagement

Future Goals

  1. Establish Foundation Trust Fund and regularly invest in fund. Distributions from fund will not exceed income earned less fees accrued, to insure longevity of resources. 

    1. Use interest produced by fund to self support foundation and scholarship fulfillment, 

  2. Continue to advance fundraising base, grant submission, and scholarship fulfillment. 

    1. Grant funds will be used to a) provide direct monies to scholarship recipients via providers, b) support infrastructure, staffing, and working capital, and c) provide for capital expenditures. In such case where grant money may be (is by grand definition permitted to be) invested directly into the foundation trust, those funds will also diverted for long term capital growth, and scholarships based upon the interest earned. 

    2. Private Funds will be used to support operations, scholarships, and development of the Foundation Trust

  3. Initiate capital campaign for purchase of property, self sustained and potentially expanding Trust Fund by rental income, to house Foundation and provide community mental and behavioral health space that utilizes the natural supports of our local environment through the use of ecologically sustainable structures for the use of counseling, life coaching, peer supported meetings in support of those in recovery, community education. It is the goal that funds received from rentals (low cost) will directly cover the cost of management and maintenance of these structure. 

    1. Safe Spaces Current assets in Carteret County identified to address these major health problems include: Community Connection (try to take care of our own) and small town feel, Health Facilities and Programs, Community and Faith Agencies, Civic Groups and Organizations, and Recreational Activities (Beach, National Parks, and Trails). 

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