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What We're Up To

We are a young organization, established in 2018, following two years of preparation to make this vision a reality.

Our board initiated it's work in March 2019 and continues to grow and meet monthly.

To date, we have issued two scholarships totaling $2,444.  

We have received donations from private donors, Facebook donors, Y12 Yoga @ Mandala, and an Impact 1 grant from Transportation Impact.  All of our board members have contributed as well.


We are active on Amazon Smile - select us here:

Our board continues to actively pursue grant opportunities.

We launched our first Crowdrise campaign (click here) and are preparing for Paypal Giving Fund participation.  Our board members are hard at work determining several community fundraisers for the year to come. 

We are seeking area service providers to participate and inform their clients.

We are seeking donors willing to support our organization and its recipients.

We are seeking volunteers for our annual fundraising event. For more information contact:

We are seeking additional board members who represent the populations and diversity of Onslow, Carteret, and contiguous counties.

Check back often for updates and new events.

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